Acceptance Letter

Employment Acceptance Letter

Employment Acceptance Letter: After completing the graduation the people who are no more a student of any of the college or educational institution. Once they have completed their education they will be in search of the job according to their skills and qualification. At this moment, they will be applying for a job in many organizations. After that, they will be going through many processes like interview, selection and placement process etc. When any candidate submits the resume or cv to the organization they are basically offering their service to the organization.

If the human resource department of the organization feels that the offer of service or employment then they will accept the employment offer. In this case, a particular type of letter will be used by the organization and it is termed as Employment Acceptance Letter.

Normally the employment acceptance letter is written by the organization to the candidate who had applied for a job with them. If you are looking for a sample letter format which you can follow to write it then you can find it in this article. One more related one is the interview acceptance letter which is written by the candidate to the organization.

Here when this letter is written the organization is showing the gesture of appreciation to the candidate. They appreciate them for the achievement by being placed in the organization. Before we proceed let us know more about this letter like the parts and the tips to write it.

Things to Note While Writing Employment Acceptance Letter. (Tips)

  • Here you are notifying the candidate that he has got placed in your organization. So you should congratulate him or her for that reason.
  • The date on which the employee needs to join or start working for your organization should also be mentioned.
  • The designation of the person to whom the employee need to report in the organization should also be mentioned.
  • The letter should not go very long, keep it simple and short but formal.

Parts of the Employment Acceptance Letter:

  • From Address: The address of the organization has to be mentioned in this part.
  • Inside Address: The complete postal address of the selected candidate has to be mentioned.
  • Date: The date on which you are writing the letter needs to be mentioned in this part.
  • Subject: The subject of the letter that is the acceptance of employment.
  • Salutation: The salutation such as Dear Candidate should be written whichever fits the most in your case.
  • The body of the Letter: And here comes the most important thing that is the body in which you will be writing the real content of the acceptance letter.
  • Complimentary Close: This is the last part which has Thanking You, Your Grateful, Warm Regards etc.

Employment Acceptance Letter Sample Letter Format/Template


Here is the sample template which you can follow write your letter.


Name of the Organization
Complete Postal Address,
City, State, and Country Code

Date: 20/06/2018


Name of the Selected Candidate,
Complete Postal Address of the Candidate

Subject: Acceptance of Employment

Dear Sir or Madam,

We would like to thank you for sending your employment offer to our organization. Today we would like to tell you that we found your offer very interesting. We felt that you are the right person to do that particular job in the organization.

You have been selected to work for the job post and we are inviting you to join the organization and start working form 2nd of next month.

When you come here to our organization workplace you need to report to the manager of the marketing department. If you want any information then you can contact us via phone or email.

Thanking You,

Yours Truly,
(Your Name and Signature)

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Template of Employment Acceptance Letter


This is the sample letter format which you can follow to write an employment acceptance letter. I have tried my best to provide all the information about this including the tips and parts. But if you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment down below.

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