Acceptance Letter

Interview Acceptance Letter

Interview Acceptance Letter: When it comes to the employment and the corporate world it all depends on the written communication. Right from applying for a vacant position in the organization to getting your resume submitted to the organization. Everywhere we can find the written communication. If you have applied for a job then you might have received the interview letter from the employer or the organization.

Now when you have received the interview letter then you have to accept it and provide a feedback to the employer that you have received it. But how can you do it? You can do it by writing an interview acceptance letter to the employer. You should be very careful while writing the acceptance letter and you will find a sample letter format which you can follow to write it.

Written communication is a very powerful method and it is permanent in nature until it is destroyed by the humans. Either destroy the paper or shred the letter. Before I show you the sample letter format of the acceptance letter I would like to share some important information about it with you.

Things to Note While Writing Interview Acceptance Letter. (Tips)

  • This is an acceptance letter and not an application for the job in the organization so here you need not mention your qualification as such.
  • This kind of letter should not be too long, keep it as short as possible.
  • Be thankful to the organization which has invited you for the interview.
  • But you should make sure that you are not over grateful or over thankful.
  • You need to limit the emotions you should in the letter.
  • The most important thing is this is a formal letter and you should keep it as formal as possible.

These are some important things which you should know before you can write an acceptance letter to the employer from whom you have got an invitation for the interview.

Parts of the Acceptance Letter:

  • From Address: Your address has to be mentioned in this part.
  • Inside Address: Address of the employer has to be mentioned in this part.
  • Date: The date on which you are writing the letter needs to be mentioned in this part.
  • Subject: The subject of the letter that is acceptance of the invitation should be written here.
  • Salutation: The salutation such as Respected Sir, Respected Madam should be written whichever fits the most in your case.
  • The body of the Letter: And here comes the most important thing that is the body in which you will be writing the real content of the acceptance letter.
  • Complimentary Close: This is the last part which has Thanking You, Your Grateful, Warm Regards etc.

Interview Acceptance Letter Sample Letter Format/Template

Sample Letter Format and Tips to Write a Letter

So here is the format or the template which you can follow to create or write up your interview acceptance letter.


Your Name,
Your Postal Address,
City, State, and Country Code

Date: 18/06/2018


The HR Manager,
XYZ Company,
Postal Address of the Company

Subject: Acceptance of the Interview Invitation

Respected Sir,

I am Mr. or Miss. XYZ had applied for the job in your organization recently and in regard of that job application, I recently received an invitation letter for the interview on 16/06/2018. I will make sure that I will be present at the interview place right on time.

I am very grateful to receive the invitation for the interview with a prestigious company like yours. As per the invitation received by me, my interview is going to be held on 25/06/2018.

Your Sincerely,

Mr. or Miss. XYZ
(Your Signature)

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Interview Acceptance Letter Template


So this is the sample letter format which you need to follow to write an interview acceptance letter. I have tried my best to provide complete information about this. But if you still have any kind of doubts in your mind regarding this then you can comment down below.

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