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Application to Bank Manager to Reactivate Dormant Account

Application to Bank Manager to Reactivate Dormant Account: There are plenty of rules which are to be followed by the account holders for the smooth working of their bank accounts. Not only the account holders but even the commercial banks which are operating in India are bound by many rules and regulations which are framed by the Reserve Bank of India. Let’s keep the rules made for the commercial banks aside for now and let’s focus on the ones which are made for the sake of the account holders. This article is about the dormant account.

Dormant accounts are basically those accounts which are temporarily deactivated by the bank when it will not be used for a long period of time. Let me explain you in simple words. Consider that you have a bank account with the State Bank of India and you have not used it for a long period of time now.

Here what I mean by not used if you have not withdrawn any money from the bank account and either deposited money into the bank account. No money transactions have taken place in the account. In this case, the banks will feel that the account holder is no more using the bank account. And that is the reason why they will deactivate the bank account and ultimately it will be turned into a Dormant Account.

In this article, I will show you sample letter to bank manager to reactivate the dormant account.

Application to Bank Manager to Reactivate Dormant Account

Application to Bank Manager to Reactivate Dormant Account

So now let us check out the sample letter which you need to write to the bank manager if you want your bank account to be reactivated again. Please note this is a sample letter which can be used by those people who are willing to reactivate their dormant account.


Branch Manager,
Bank Name,
Complete Branch Postal Address

Subject: To Reactivate Dormant Account Numbered: 1234-5678-9123

Respected Sir,

I Mr. or Miss XYZ, owning the bank account with your branch with the number 1234-5678-9123. Today I am writing this letter to request you to reactivate the bank account having the above-mentioned account number.

Due to some reasons, I was unable to use the bank account but now I am need of that account. And so I request you to reactivate the bank account.

I assure you that this time I will not give the bank a chance to deactivate my bank account due to inactivity.

Thanking You,

Your Faithfully,
(Your Name, Signature, and Date)

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format letter to reactivate dormant account


So this is how you can write an application letter to bank manager to reactivate dormant account. I hope you are clear with all the details which are mentioned in this article. But in case if you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment down below.

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