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Request Letter to Stop Cheque Payment

Request Letter to Stop Cheque Payment: Cheques are a great way to make the payments to the people from whom we buy the products and services. However, it is a very safe way to make the payment it also has a drawback and that is the time taken is more. When you issue a cheque to someone’s name and hand over the cheque your work is done. The rest of the things have to be done by the receiver and your bank. Basically, when you issue a cheque you are instructing your bank to pay the sum of money to the receiver.

When the receiver will take that cheque and submit it get encashed the money from your bank account will be deducted. But here you need to note that you have sufficient amount of balance or money in your bank account. If you don’t have that much money then it is not recommended to issue the cheque. Because you might get into legal trouble too that is the cheque bounce case. However, that is a different thing and if you want to stop the payment of the cheque you have issued. Then you can do that using multiple methods and write a letter to the bank is one of them.

In this article of mine, I will be showing you a sample letter format which you can follow to stop cheque payment. Here you need to make sure that the sample is just for reference and you have to change the things according to your needs. The things which should be changed are like name, address, cheque number etc.

But before we proceed to the further part and have a look at the sample request letter to stop cheque payment. I would like to give you some important information and tips.

Things to Note While Writing Request Letter to Stop Cheque Payment. (Tips)

  • This letter is written by the customer of the bank to the bank manager.
  • Here you are requesting the bank not to accept the cheque which you have issued. Which means you are canceling the validity of the cheque.
  • Once you stop the payment of the cheque it cannot be reused by the receiver.
  • You have to clearly mention your name, account number and the cheque number in the letter.

Parts of the Payment Stop Letter:

  • Inside Address: The complete postal address of the bank’s branch should be mentioned.
  • Date: The date on which you are writing the letter needs to be mentioned in this part.
  • Subject: The subject of the letter that is the Request to Stop Cheque Payment.
  • Salutation: The salutation such as Respected Sir or Madam should be written whichever fits the most in your case.
  • The body of the Letter: And here comes the most important thing that is the body in which you will be writing the real content of the acceptance letter.
  • Complimentary Close: This is the last part which has Thanking You, Your Grateful, Warm Regards etc.

Request Letter to Stop Cheque Payment. (Format/Sample)

Request Letter Format

Branch Manager,
Bank Name,
Complete Postal Address of BranchDate: 21/06/2018

Subject: Request to Stop Cheque Payment.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Mr. or Miss XYZ, having bank account number: 1234-1234-1234 in your branch from past many months. Today I am writing this letter to you because I want to stop the payment of one of the cheques which are issued by me.

The Cheque leafs number is xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx the value of the cheque issued is Rs. 80,000. Due to some reasons I no longer want that cheque to be encashed by the receiver. So I request you to stop the same.

Thanking You,

Your Faithfully,
(Your Name, Signature, and Date)

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Request Letter to Stop Cheque Payment


So this the request letter to stop cheque payment. You can follow this format with all the banks that are operating in India. There are other methods to stop the payment too, I recommend you to check those out for faster process. If you have any kind of doubts in your mind then you can comment down below.

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